Verlagsort: London | Erscheinungsjahr: 1751 | Verlag: Thomas Osborne
Signatur: 9673728 Res/2 H.nat. 29-2 9673728 Res/2 H.nat. 29-2
Reihe: A General Natural History: Or, New and Accurate Descriptions Of The Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals, Of the Different Parts of the World : With Their Virtues and Uses, as far as hitherto certainly known, in Medicine and Mechanics: Illustrated By a General Review of the Knowledge of the Ancients, and the Discoveries and Improvements of later Ages in these Studies ; Including The History of the Materia Medica, Pictoria, and Tinctoria, of the Present and Earlier Ages ; As Also Observations on the neglected Properties of many valuable Substances known at present; and Attempts to discover the lost Medicines, etc. of former Ages, in a Series of Critical Enquiries into the Materia Medica of the Ancient Greeks

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