Publishing place: Hauniae | Year of publication: 1825 | Publishing house: Schultz
Call number: 4 Diss. 3730,19
Series: Ad Obeunda Solennia, Quibus Domus Borrichio-Medicea, D. IV. Septembris A. MDCCCVII Igne Hostili Deleta, Anno MDCCCXXIV E Cinere Erecta, D. XXVIII. Maji Hujus Anni H. XII. In Auditorio Dictae Aedis Inter Pios Modulos Inaugurabitur Invitat Collegii Medicei H. T. Ephorus Fredericus Theodorus Hurtigkarl, ... Orationem Inauguralem habebit Ephorus, Gratiarum Actionem Subjunget Collegii Inspector

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